Ideas and Inventions Can Be Protected and Copyrighted

international patent

In the age of innovation, where it seems that every year a new product or service is about to hit the market, it is important to protect such ideas from those who could potentially take ownership or claim to be the original inventor. Getting patents is very important so that a product or service has legal protection in the marketplace against counterfeit or scrupulous actors. However, this is no easy task.

It one thing to get a patent in the United States. Coming up with an idea for a product or novel invention can require the assistance of an experienced patent lawyer who can draft up the appropriate documents with the patent office to protect the uniqueness of an idea or product. This way, no other competitor can infringe upon the idea or product without giving due credit to the original inventor. This is known to happen unfortunately, giving rise to what are known as patent trolls. These people use the law to stop inventors and innovators by claiming their new product or invention infringes on something belonging to the trolls in one aspect. Settling this in the courts can take a long time and that’s why its important to have someone fighting for you.

Taking a product or idea overseas is another matter entirely. Limiting a product’s potential to just the American market will result in having less market share overall. Real growth can be achieved by going global. This will require having to obtain an international patent from the various sovereign jurisdictions for where a product will be made and sold. Europe has its own laws as well as emerging markets in China, India, and South America. To take a product to market, and to protect both the brand and the product/service itself, getting the appropriate legal protection is pivotal for an inventor’s success.